This past weekend I rode my first Grand Prix with Vitall. We did the Under 25 Young Rider GP. I was so excited after my test I almost cried.

Vitall gave me such a great feeling from warm-up to the final salute. We really felt like a team in there. I was a bit nervous before, but I managed to keep it together and just said to myself, “Alex you can do it. Have fun with it,” and that’s exactly what I did. I had fun and loved every second of it.

For our first time there was no major mistakes, Vitall still struggles with his balance sometimes, we lose the frame from time to time, but that will come with time as he gets stronger. We got all our changes even our 1 tempis, which have been the bug a boo for months. We even got an 8 for them! I ran into some trouble in the piaffe. He sat down to much then I could feel him struggling, so I tried to help him, but what I should have done is just let him be so he could find his own balance. But that’s ok, we are both still green.

I’m planning to do a few more of these smaller shows before I debut at a big one. Anky and I both agree it’s the best for Vitall and I to get our confidence up in the small shows and really feel comfortable before going big. The next test will be in three weeks. Vitall has really excelled in the last month and it’s only going to get better so I’m really proud of him. I’ve had him since he was six, so I feel very proud that I now have him at Grand Prix at nine.

Other than training Vitall, I’ve had my own training at the gym with a personal trainer once a week, which has been a blast – hard work, but fun. I have learned a lot about my own body and where my weaknesses are and my strengths. I have learned that my left side is much weaker than my right side, which I also notice in riding that I tend to be stronger on the right side so we are working on balancing out my muscle strength and working on motor skills, doing a lot of combination exercises. Sometimes I get totally confused when things get mixed up. It’s a bit embarrassing, but now I can imagine how Vitall felt when he had to learn 1 tempis. The same feeling HUH you want me to do what with what? Thankfully Vitall and I are dedicated hard workers.

The weather here has been very hit or miss for summer it goes from mild to HOT HOT HOT melting weather for a few days then back to being a bit cold. I’m hoping it improves over this month because I miss the sunshine.

The next few weeks are going to be bit quiet. Anky will be away at shows, so I will have more time to work on my own and also give Vitall a bit of a break so we can go in the forest.