The last few weeks I have had the opportunity to visit some really cool stables. I was able to check out VDL Stud, one of their sales barns. It consisted of nine barns. It was just huge, with fields surrounding the entire property.Everywhere I looked I saw a horse, and next to the fields with the horses were cows. VDL Stud is one of the largest breeders in the world. They mainly have jumpers, but also dressage horses. I was very impressed by just this one set up they have. I was only visiting the stables for a brief time, just dropping off a horse with a friend for it to be bred, but for the short time I was there I observed as much as I could.

The other stables I visited were Stal Witte, where famous young horse rider Emmelie Scholtens rides and Dutch rider Madeline Witte. It was like a paradise pulling into this property – beautiful gate opens up to a gravel driveway. They had a huge outdoor arena , lunging ring, a track and three barns all filled with beautiful horses everywhere you looked. I have to say it is one of the nicest facilities I have visited. I was there trying a horse for a friend of mine.

My stables where I keep my horses is a full, full house! We had a jumper rider move in with nine horses. I was a little worried at first how we were going to manage having the place at full capacity, but it is actually working out no problem. We all stay out of each other’s way and work harmoniously together throughout the day. I actually like having all the jumps in our outdoor. It takes me back to the days of riding in Southlands and schooling in the big ring. I forgot how much I like schooling in and around the jumps, and it is great schooling the young horses with water jumps and all these scary obstacles around. Some of them don’t care at all, and with a couple of them, their eye balls almost fell out, but each day they’re getting used to it. It’s a great way to cross train with them.

I have to say we have had a fabulous summer this year in Holland. The last two years the weather was pretty iffy compared to my first summer here where I almost melted. It was so hot, but this year, it has been a solid two months of nice weather, not too hot. Some days were scorchers, having to start at 6:00 am, but I’m not complaining! The only thing I hate is the horse flies. The last couple days they have taken a liking to me, and I have been bitten at least six times. The bites are so itchy afterwards. I’m looking forward to bug season being over so I can finally take my horses out trail riding. I miss going on little adventures with them.

It’s count downtime to my last two months in Holland before I pack up and embrace a new adventure in Wellington, Florida. It really is a bitter sweet feeling. Holland has become a second home. I really enjoy the team and environment I have right now, but I am also looking forward to experiencing Wellington.

I want to say a huge congrats to a close friend of mine, Marina, for getting married this past weekend! So happy for you!