canada_vancouver.jpgI’m back home in Vancouver right now for the next 10 days.

While I was in trasit, I had to go through the scanners in Amsterdam for the first time. Normally when I travel they’re always broken or have problems but this time I got to experience it. You really feel silly standing in this thing with your arms above your head with all these people staring at you, but thankfully it’s over and done with quickly.

It was a bumpy, bumpy flight over, the pilot told us that winds over 200 knots were hitting the plane. He said it in a very calm way over the announcement , but it didn’t feel so comforting being tossed around. After a little while it mellowed out and otherwise it was just a normal boring flight. I watched two movies and read my book and managed to get some zzz’s for a little bit.  I had a big surprise at the airport.  My dad was leaving for Turkey the same night I arrived so I felt sad that I was going to miss him. Just as I came out the doors at the airport though, my daddy was standing right there waiting for me before he went and checked in for his flight. I was so happy to be able to give him a big hug and hve a quick chat before we went our separate ways.  While I’m home I’m just going to be catching up with family and friends.

Anky will be riding Vitall while I’m gone so he should feel all tuned up when I sit back on him next weekend. I might even be able to 15 one tempi’s…. Wishful thinking but you never know. FINGERS CROSSED!