I had a great time in London. The weather was fantastic – so warm. We did plenty of walking…my feet were dead at the end of the trip. Our hotel was in a great location, right across from Kensington Gardens/Hyde Park, and we were right by the underground station. We walked London Bridge and, of course, all the major shops. We went to Notting Hill, which is my favourite part of the city because I love the markets they have on Sundays. 

We also saw some of the preparation for the Royal Wedding. Pictures to come!

Anky rode Vitall while I was away. She managed to get 20 1 tempis! I never thought I would hear the day… 20! We have finally found the trick on how to get them. We have to keep him up in the frame, and short and quick, then he maintains his balance easier and you can keep him between your hand and legs without him running away.

My first lesson back we had 15 and yesterday and I also got 20. So, I think we are on the road to doing a schooling show soon. I can’t wait! We have also been working on the piaffe and passage – on adding more expression.

I’m really pleased with how Vitall is going. We are really becoming a team and I can’t even describe my excitement to finally be at Grand Prix. It has been a dream of mine since I was a kid, and now I am finally achieving it. It feels a bit surreal.

Anky is away for the next two weeks, so I am going to take the time to work a bit on my own and keep practising, and also give Vitall a little bit of a break by going for trail rides etc.