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Frightening Fun in Wellington

At last Florida’s summer heat and humidity is finally moder

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scaryAt last Florida’s summer heat and humidity is finally moderating with November on the door step.

My dogs have, as a result, recovered their energy during the day and the horses can move out of the shade.

The year seems to have flown by. After four years in Europe it has taken time to adjust to what is a very different environment. That said, Wellington is, in many ways, akin to a large village and I now, finally, have a good sense of community. Wellington did not, to be fair, completely shut down over the summer months, as there were numerous concerts including the Fall Festival that I attended with Tara Stegal and her family. The festival was very well organized and an absolute treat for the younger set with a petting zoo, hay wagon and great bouncy castles.

With witches and goblins about to descend I went with some friends to ‘FRIGHT NIGHTS’. It’s a fair with four haunted houses each with its own theme and assorted scary stuff. For the evening we had our faces matched painted. In the picture is Jessica and I and the second picture shows the group. Not that we were scary, but we did stop one of the must have chainsaw characters who really was scaring people to take a photo with us. Lots of fun.

Global has a National Show on November 7-8, and Vitall and I will be showing our freestyle for the first time. I worked with Karen Robinson over the summer on the freestyle and I love the music and pattern. I am really, really looking forward to our new freestyle debut.

Vitall and I recently had a photo shoot to show how superb he looks in his PS of Sweden Bridle.

You may not have heard of PS of Sweden, but I encourage you to have a close look at their bridles.

There are ‘NO’ pressure points over the poll so that the weight is distributed, no pinching at all of the horse’s ears and the leather quality is top rate They are also Eco-friendly. Take a look at their website.

The Global National Show will also be the first show for Faye as her introduction to the adult horse world. It should be fun and I am looking forward to putting her through her paces in the competition ring.