AlexJuly609.jpgWe have had really hot weather then, out of nowhere, we have a crashing thunder storm with heavy, heavy rain. The two barn managers had left with Jan to meet one of the stallion owners and the rest of us were all done for the night. The rain was so heavy though it flooded the stallion barn – water was up past our ankles! We all looked at each other with a major UH OH on our faces and started frantically sweeping the water towards the drain. We managed to get rid of most of it and let the rest dry out. It was a slight panic.

Training is going well this week so far. Today we rode down at the racetrack and on the grass. Jan was pleased with how my horse went today and so was I. He was teaching me techniques with my hands in the walk to keep the neck out as Vitall likes to dip down and go behind the vertical. He showed me how to hold the rains with a certain pressure/light contact but a forward feeling without throwing the rains away and using the bottom part of my boot (leg) to fill up the empty space with my giving hand. It really worked. We then did lots of trot work trying to achieve the same thing.

After my horse, I ride Biggles and Roosevelt. Biggles is a big boy and he has taken getting used to riding but now I have the feel of him and I am really starting to enjoy him. He can act quite studly sometimes he is always talking in the barn to the other horses. He would be that kid in school that doesn’t shut up and the teacher is always reminding him to be quite. Roosevelt also has lots of personality. I just did trot stretching today with him. He is also very quirky and cuddly and always sticks his tongue out for you to pull it which he loves. It always makes me laugh!