Well this weekend I won’t be going to Uden anymore to do the practise show. Vitall has a bit of a cold so the vet suggested a few days rest and then light work with some antibiotics. 

But earlier this week training went really well and I was very pleased with him. We went through the entire Inter 1 test. The difference between now and 6 months ago is huge. Everything feels much more effortless, it comes with ease and his frame and rhythm are much steadier.  Also, my confidence is stronger and I’m not second guessing myself as much. Before, I would go into a pirouette and ask myself if we would make it… and now I go into my pirouettes knowing we will make it.  The extended trot has also improved a lot over the last few months. The Piaff and passage has helped improve his extended trot he is now able to sustain it without a rhythm mistake.  The plan is now to keep training and hopefully get the 1 tempi’s down over Christmas and try for the Under 25 Grand Prix in the New Year. I will be away for 12 days over xmas at home but Anky will continue to train Vitall and hopefully get his changes going. It will help me a lot with her working on the 1 tempi’s since her timing is much quicker than mine. So, instead of the blind leading the blind, Vitall can teach me a bit.

It’s also a winter wonderland here with big snow storms, everything freezing, dragging buckets of warm water out for the horses and driving very, very slow since the roads are really slippy. Thankfully I don’t even have to go outside if I don’t want to. I can walk from my room to Vitall to the indoor all under one roof.

Christmas countdown:  16 days!!