alex_coast_of_holland.jpgThis past weekend I went to the Coast of Holland. It felt like I was somewhere else when we arrived. The first thing I saw was a sea of kite surfers and wind surfers. It was very, very windy! My hair was everywhere, but Oslo loved it. He was running around like a mad man. Being at the ocean felt a bit like home. I love breathing in the fresh sea air.

Vitall is going well. It turns out we no longer need to go to Toronto, as we managed to make it work that he only has to leave the EU for a few days, so we will be on a road trip to Switzerland. I’m really looking forward to going to Switzerland. I’ve never been there before. I will be sure to take lots of photos.

My mom is arriving Friday I’m really excited! I haven’t seen her since my birthday and she has not seen Vitall in a year, so I think she will be really happy to see our progress.  We are driving to Switzerland together then she will stay all next week. My friend Sara and her dad stayed with me last week, as I mentioned in my previous blog. We had a fantastic visit together, and I’m now caught up on all the gossip back home. We went out for dinner and, of course, hit up three of the biggest tack stores. Sara is going home with lots of loot!

Next Sunday there’s a big music festival that happens in Erp every year. People from all over Holland come to it. All of us have been counting down to it for months now. I’m hoping the weather stays the way it is, because it is nice and warm. It was almost too warm the other day, as it was 30 degrees.

I have been working a bit more with my mental coach here with the diaphragmatic breathing techniques he’s been teaching me. I have noticed a big difference in my focus and overall relaxation since I have started learning this technique. I also have a lot more energy and I am able to push myself more in the gym. So, I am feeling good :).

Next update will be after Switzerland!