All I can say about it is… WOW!! And now I need to majorly catch up on some ZZZ’s. On Friday we went to a big field that was set up with a bunch of tents and different bands playing, it was a big festival and neat to see people in various costumes. The group I went with on Friday all dressed in a theme: Military girls. I rested on Saturday and went back on Sunday with Willeke, Anky’s head groom, and Johanna, Anky’s nanny. We were on a big float called GREEN SOUND MACHINE so we had to be all dressed in green. I was shocked when I saw how many people were on this float, there had to of been about 80-100 of us. We really lucked out with the weather which was beautiful and sunny but just a bit chilly. The parade went through Helmond, a city nearby, and took about two hours. We were the 83rd float out of 90. It was a really neat experience, the Dutch certainly know how party!

Youtube link of the parade:

I’ve had a big breakthrough training Vital recently, I’m so pleased with him. He is finally learning to be softer through his body and mouth and not hold on so much. I never thought I would feel him being so soft, but now I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s not a small light either, it’s a big shining light of happiness! He has been so good, we started to connect the Piaff and Passage and he was able to do it without a problem. I also started to include parts of the test, for example working on the pirouettes on centre line. Vitall got a bit tricky when we turn on centre line as he kep wanting to stop. I spent the first few times making transitions forward and back to make sure he was adjustable before I made the pirouette. The pirouettes are not the problem with him, it is always getting in and out. He tends to lose his tempo a little bit, but they’re really coming along. For the 1 tempi’s we are getting a solid 6 now. So hopefully soon I can shout with joy and say 15!!!!!! Then I will certainly really jump for joy.

Over the next week Anky is away doing some clinics. I will continue to work on some basic work and take him out in the forest and refresh his mind so he doesn’t become sour. He gets his shots nid-month so will be off for a few days.

Enjoy the pictures of the Green sound machine, a photo of me and Willeke and Johanna (yes, I am wearing a frog hat and a tutu….) and the other Photo is Morgan and I in our Military outfits.