Winter has arrived here now, it has been minus 10 the past few nights. When you are riding your fingers and feet just burn. Anky is bundled up in 3 jackets teaching us but never the  less we continue to train :). We even had a bit of snow in the arena which all the horses thought was terrifying. They have all been jumping around this past week feeling fresh and their riders feeling stiff.

Vitall has been a good boy this week. Not as good as last week but training always has its ups and downs. This week he has been a bit more tight and doesn’t want to work through his body so I focused mainly on basics, getting him soft and through – usually half way through the ride he comes around and is nice and supple. Anky also sat on Vitall to help me out with the 1 tempi’s. This week we managed to get 6, I was thrilled! Slowly but surely they’re coming along. Next week I am going to go do a practise test in Uden going to run through the inter 1 just to get back in the ring and keep the routine going.

The little young horse I have been riding has been coming along really and I am quite pleased with him. I find it so rewarding with young horses when they start to figure things out – you get a totally different thrill from it. It’s been great fun getting a thrill from working on the Grand Prix and a thrill from the little guy doing basic transitions.  But, unfortunately, the little guy (Balin) is on vacation now. The ring at the other barn is frozen so hopefully they can fix it soon so we can get back to work.

This week I also went to my friend’s University prom. I haven’t been to a prom in years so it was great fun to get all dressed up. We looked quite silly walking in wearing our uggs and changing into our heels but it was too dangerous to wear our heels in the snow.

This weekend will be a bit of down time Anky is away doing a clinic in Poland.