July1309.jpgJust a note about my previous blog: in reference to the “bar” – that’s what we call our kitchen/hang out area.

The temperature has dropped a fair bit compared to last week. We all have sweaters and rain coats on as it’s been raining off and on for a few days now. Thankfully I am from Vancouver so I am used to the dreary rain. The other night we had a barn BBQ Jan cooked for us and it was a lot of fun. We all sat outside on the deck chatting and listening to music. Nina, the barn manager, was there with her dog Hugo and Jan was making him dance for food which was quite hilarious to watch. Oslo had to stay in my house as he fights with Hugo and haven’t managed to become friends yet. That’s a work in progress.

My horse has been going really well and since he is picking things up so quickly we are challenging him for more and more work every day. The changes are becoming really solid and strait. Before he was changing like a pony now they are so big it feels like we are jumping something. Trot work is really coming along, becoming really expressive and cadenced. I can’t wait for my mom to get here on Tuesday so she can see what’s been going on. Then I can also have her video me so I can watch. Jan has been really helpful when it comes to walk work. He really making the rider be very clear as to what type of walk you want: a relaxed long rain walk while you’re chatting or medium walk. He likes to make sure you are very clear to the horse and do it the same every day. I have been doing it and now his collected walk is a walk in the park he knows right away that it’s “work” time. It’s nice as a rider having someone make you really choose what you want – it makes a big difference.

On Monday 10 horses are leaving for a big competition at Falstabo in Malmo, Sweden which is one of the biggest shows in Sweden. I will be working all week but I am going to sneak up there on Sunday with my mom to watch the freestyles and Briars retirement ceremony. I will be sure to take lots of pics to post for everyone!! 🙂