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A Busy Summer Ahead

Well it’s late spring in Wellington, but it might as well be mi

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Well it’s late spring in Wellington, but it might as well be mid-summer given the heat.

Despite the Wellington season being over and lots of horses, trainers, riders etc. having left for other venues far and wide, all is not quite quiet. This past weekend, the Palm Beach Equine Sports Complex held a national show with good attendance. I sat this show out as a spectator, but plan to compete with
Vitall plus Faye and Doe Maar in the June 2015 show. June will be a busy month and I am looking forward to showing the youngsters.

All the horses are continuing to progress really well and the youngsters are maturing nicely. They are a delight to train and to see their advancement.

I refocused my training and aids with Vitall and after a challenging season with him, he has adjusted, really improved and looks and feels like a different horse. We have certainly moved up a few gears as his overall stamina and strength have improved along with his carriage, collection and lightness of movement. His shoulder movement is much freer with great lift and I have a lot more control over his hind legs. He and I have our confidence back and we are again working as a pair.

Check out this video of Vitall and I training:

So it’s not all beach and music concerts, although I still tan as a result of the outside ring time and trail walks, which the horses all love, as do I.

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