Happy New Year!!

Sorry for no updates for the last few weeks. I didn’t bring my computer home and I took the last few weeks to just veg out and be with my family. I’m now back in Holland after a fabulous xmas. Hope everyone had a great holiday and that 2011 brings greatness for everyone!

Vancouver felt like spring this Christmas with beautiful sunshine for almost the entire time. I took walks on the sea wall almost everyday with Oslo and Bizou my other french bull dog and went to my usual appointments. I met up with my old personal trainer whom I’m still close friends with and we went and did yoga classes together. I have to admit I was a bit sore at the end of those. Overall I had a really nice time.

Vitall has been going really well. He was in Anky bootcamp while I was at home so he didn’t have much of a holiday but he is starting to wrap his head around his 1 tempi’s. Anky would send me little updates via Facebook and I kept cheering! One day I got a message saying 5 1 tempi’s, then another saying we got 8, and now we are up to 11. Slowly but surely they’re coming.  The trick with him with the tempi changes are changing the lines and not just sticking to one line. If you stay on the one he goes a bit too much on auto pilot and takes charge. So we have been incorporating turns making 2 short diagonals working off a circle etc. In doing all this, it keeps in check the shoulder control and his balance. If he is behind the leg or running the exercise becomes a bit more tricky then it needs to be. 

My first ride back was on Sunday. Thank fully I didn’t feel sore or forget how to ride in the 2 weeks off. I joked with Anky today after my lesson that I could still ride. Sometimes you get this bizzar feeling that it will disappear. 

2011 plans are still aimed at the Grand Prix. I’m planning to start showing around March sometime but I haven’t made a set show plan yet though I am working on one. I also need to start working on a freestyle which I am really excited about! I had a nice dinner with fellow blogger Karen Robinson while I was home to catch up and discuss a freestyle.  Other New Year resolutions are to get back to the gym. I have been ignoring it for about a month now and it is starting to call my name. Overall goals are to focus and learn as much as I can.

Lets get ready for a great year ahead!!