$30,000 Grand Prix 1.40m

Watch the $30,000 Grand Prix 1.40m, presented by RAM Equestrian, held May 14th at Classic @ Palgrave Phase 1, at the Caledon Equestrian Park.

Final Results
1. Thalys Z/Erynn Ballard/The Thalys Group
2. Count Me In/Beth Underhill/Sandy Lupton
3. Falco Van Spieveld/Nicole Walker/Nicole Walker
4. Farfelu Du Printemps/Julia Madigan/John Madigan
5. Riva/Jay Hayes/North Ridge & Summerhill Farm

Erynn Ballard and Thalys Z’s winning round:

Beth Underhill and Count Me In:

Nicole Walker and Falco Van Spieveld:

Julia Madigan and Farfelu Du Printemps:

Jay Hayes and Riva:


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