Jojo (aka What Law) and I.

Jojo (aka What Law) and I.

The holidays are coming fast and with it the time for giving!

So I thought I would use this month’s blog to chat about some of my most favourite things and perhaps give some of you gift ideas to get for your loved ones or put on the list to hand to your husband, wife, parent or amazing best friend.

For those that have been REALLY good….

Jump 4 Joy Cross County Jumps
Most people are familiar with the Jump 4 Joy show jumps. They are wonderful in my opinion due to their fabulous fun designs, and many colours, but most of all because I can pick up a massive standard and move it with one hand. BUT, as an eventer, the true gems of Jump 4 Joy are their cross country half roll tops with brush and their palisade brush.

I cannot tell you how many ways Leslie and I have utilized these jumps. They are adjustable height wise as they stack so you can have them low enough to have a training horse over them or tall enough to use on your advanced horses. We use them on their own, as ins or outs of coffins or in bending lines with other jumps. The possibilities are endless, and best of all? You and a friend can easily move them on your own. No tractors necessary! As well, you never need to worry about staining them, loose nails or repairs of any kind.

Jump 4 Joy Cross County Jumps

Jump 4 Joy Cross County Jumps

We don’t have massive property so they are a very important part of our training both with our young horses and upper level ones as we just don’t have the room to want to place a bunch of fixed cross country jumps. Use them in an arena as well in the winter! They are worth every penny, believe me, and you will get more than your value’s worth out of them.

Maui Jim's You Move Me sunglasses.

Maui Jim’s You Move Me sunglasses.

Maui Jim’s ‘You Move Me’ and ‘Kumu’
It is no secret that Leslie and I have been blessed to be part of the Maui Jim family for a long time now. Their glasses are obviously very stylish both for riding and for days out on the town, but aside from that they offer top notch eye protection which for Leslie is of upmost importance due to his sensitive eyes.

I personally adore the You Move Me glasses as they are so special as they feature the amazing art work of Maui artist Charlie Lyon and every pair is unique! The colours are so rich and they are coated in a fantastic crystal coating that make them shimmer! On top of the fabulous look they also come with Maui Jim’s PolarizedPlus2 lenses, which give you optimum eye protection. I can also say that I have had mine for well over a year now and they still look great and trust me when I say I am very hard on them!

If you prefer to have glasses specific to ride in Leslie adores the Kumus. They have very sticky and flexible frames so they stay well when riding and they have an inner rubber coating so very comfortable as well. The metallic gloss copper ones are especially hot!

What’s also so fabulous about Maui Jims? Their customer service. You have any problems with your glasses and Maui Jim are fabulous to deal with and help you out with repairs. If you want that ‘one’ pair of nice glasses…these are the ones for you.

Antares helmets are my favourite!

Antares helmets are my favourite!

Antares’ Helmets
Antares is our sponsor to be fair. BUT…let me tell you something…their saddles, bridles and other leather tack are fabulous, but as a girly girl? Their helmets are TO DIE FOR. I am for sure a helmet snob and for years bounced between all the other expensive helmets out there that were all ok, but never before experiencing my Antares ones have I found a real passion for helmets. When I see a helmet box show up now I can promise you it is like Christmas.

Obviously, Antares is compliant with all the highest safety requirements, but what makes me giddy is their comfort, style, massive range of options and looks, AND they come with extra interiors so when we get disgusting after too many rides in too many Florida summer days, we can whip them out, replace them with a fresh one and throw the nasty one in the wash!

Yes, they are expensive, but no more really than the other top brands and let me promise you the other guys have nothing on how the Antares ones look and feel. If you’ve been extra good this year, see if Santa won’t let you have a customized one as although they are a tad more expensive the range of colours and styles you can have are endless. I have a new one on order that when I first tried it on at a trade show I felt like Audrey Hepburn ready to go to breakfast at Tiffany’s! I told Leslie that I may not ride in it at all, but rather just go to dinner parties with it. But if you don’t want to dosh out the extra cash, check out their newest buy it off the rack style that is blue with leather and chrome inlays. They are the bomb.

For those that have been QUITE good…

Pro-Cush Whips
Leslie and I have been using Pro-Cush whips for a long time now and many have asked where we get them from. Out of the UK, they have been copied now by a few people, but they were the leaders in the racing industry for increasing safety and humanity standards in the racing world. They are like a cushion on the end and thus produce less harm when used, but a bit more noise. You can also have them customized with your colours, name, flag, just about anything! They are affordable and last a long time. Best jump whip ever.

Ariat’s Sunstopper Shirts
No I am not sponsored by Ariat, but I probably should be! LOL. In all honesty, I have fallen in lust with their sunstopper shirts. I know they have them in show shirt colours, but really, I just bought a few to wear around the farm. They are a very thin mesh and yet cover you right up without making ya sweat. They are cut in a very stylish, form fitting way and have some sort of vented area down the back of your arms. The zipper up the front adds another cool touch and they come in some fabulous colours. I have the navy with black polka dot one, which is very chic and the white with all different colour stripes one which is very fun. They are a bit expensive, but not crazy, and definitely worth it if you want to keep covered up in the summertime.

For those that have been good…

While yes, that was me in the helmet photos…sadly…this is not. Although I have started running again, so you know…maybe next year. Although I would probably need a knife with a plastic surgeon attached as well as the running to achieve this look.

While yes, that was me in the helmet photos…sadly…this is not. Although I have started running again, so you know…maybe next year. Although I would probably need a knife with a plastic surgeon attached as well as the running to achieve this look.

Victoria’s Secret Sport’s Bras
Well, not much to say here is there? Lol. I’ve tried a lot and these are the best and come in many different colours and styles. Put it this way, they are so funky that Leslie doesn’t even complain about them lol.

Jojo Socks
Those who know me know that I am a connoisseur of fine socks. I have quite the closet of socks ranging from psychedelic colours, to surfing pineapples, to a classic Hawaiian shirt print with the words ‘Classy *itch’ written down the length of them. I love fun socks. Jojo socks are great equestrian socks as they are just the right thickness and soft and sleek to get your boots over. They are not perhaps the most durable, so I tend to save them for shows and such, but they are a great sock and come in many different colours and patterns. Plus, they share their name with my great last horse ‘What Law,’ who we called Jojo, so I have an added affection for them!