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My name is Lesley Grant-Law. I am a Canadian eventer, based out of the United States for the past seven years. Prior to becoming a professional rider, I graduated, with a master’s degree from York University in the top ten per cent of my class... which leads me to believe I must have been very smart despite the fact I then embarked on an equestrian career.

I have been either short -or long-listed on the Canadian Eventing Team numerous times and was slotted to go to the 2008 Beijing Olympics, until my horse injured himself mere days before leaving. I then turned to a dirty life of cocaine and alcohol... no, not really, but I would have liked to! I have ribbons from one-, two-, three- and four-star events and have produced many horses from the start up through the grades, as well as some of America's top Young Event horse champions.

My husband is the bionic and all too amazing rider, Individual gold medalist and multiple Team medal winner Leslie Law. Since marrying me, he has lost all of his hair, but I am sure that his life has never been more fulfilled. Together we run a crazy busy business called Law Eventing in Ocala, Florida, where we teach, compete, buy and sell, and go out to do more than 20 clinics a year.

I don’t so much blog as I write weird articles that people either love or hate. I write on random topics, not always to do with horses, and have written for everything from print magazines and horse websites to business websites.

My proudest accomplishment is my son, Liam, who has just turned four.

At What Point did we Lose our Common Sense?

Part of what I have always loved about having a life and career with horses is that so much of working with these glorious animals relied on good common sense. Whether it be in the training of them, the care read more

That Time I Almost Missed Something Great…

My husband and I are a busy couple. Between our farm of 14-18 horses in work, 15 plus ship-in lessons per week, our clinics, his USEF job and our show schedule, add to that a son who goes to school read more

Canadian Eventing Needs a Plan

I was very lucky to be able to attend Bramham this year while Leslie was there coaching two of his American Emerging Athletes who had received the Karen Stives grant. The grant allows them to travel to the UK for read more

A Rolex Recap, Shout Out to the Canadians and Defense of Myself

What a fabulous weekend our sport experienced at Rolex. I cannot imagine a better, more exemplary, cross country day and just a fantastic competition from start to finish. From what I have heard, there have been no major horse injuries read more

2017 Rolex Predictions

Oh, Kentucky is almost upon us! How very exciting. I have been blessed twice to run around that course clear of jump faults and even once squeeze into the awards presentation. I have a photo hanging in my bathroom of read more

Don’t Waste the Opportunity to Create Something Great

Happy Valentines. This is the most wonderful and terrible time of our year. I have gone into robot mode where I wake up and run on auto pilot for most of the day and try to make as few mistakes read more

My Favourite Things…

The holidays are coming fast and with it the time for giving! So I thought I would use this month’s blog to chat about some of my most favourite things and perhaps give some of you gift ideas to get read more

I Just Know It’s True

So I’ve been a bit remiss in my writing recently… too much going on in this thing called ‘life’ for my liking right now to be honest. So having been nudged politely to write from my friends here at Horse-Canada.com, read more

Saying My Piece on the Canadian Eventing Thing

I guess I am expected to blog about the goings on of Eventing Canada (sigh). Actually they really wanted me to blog about it last year after the Pan Am amazement, but I’ve been putting it off (clearly, a year read more

One Answer

I have done my piece filled with emotion due to the recent tragic death and now you will find my non-emotional response. This is not a new response for me, by the way. I have been quietly lobbying away now read more

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