What a sport we are in- the ups and downs are really quite something. from all parts of the globe, writers and TV people were busy tapping away yesterday morning upon my arrival in the Belmont Park Press Box.

It is a historical walk along the old corridor to the press box, overlooking the gorgeous, expansive track where so many…I mean, so many, greats set foot.

It was supposed to be like that today.

I had been in the building some 6 minutes by my count when  I greeted Ray Paulick of the PAULICK REPORT. He said he thought bad news was coming.

It was the most stunning news I think I have heard in racing in a long time.

The looks on everyone’s faces was that of disbelief. Even sales people, gift shop workers, security, people in nearby grocery stores, heard the news within moments. I’LL HAVE ANOTHER was hurt, he would not go for the Triple Crown and he would never race again.

So much build up, so close…so excruciatingly close to the big day. But that’s why is the famed AMERICAN TRIPLE CROWN. That is why is takes a rare horse to win. Not to mention something a bit sturdier than what we breed today.

So, a day and evening in Manhattan followed (the people!!) and an  enjoyable night at the press party put on by NYRA (okay, well it was fun but the mood was somewhat glum) wrapped up the day.

Will be trackside to watch the 144th Belmont today (after some more Manhtattan time) – and will wonder for a long time, what if?