Selena and A First Romance at Richland Park.

Selena and A First Romance at Richland Park.

On went the summer streaming and careening by…

I don’t know what everybody else’s summer is like, but ours is one headlong onwards rush. I can’t believe we are on the countdown to Fairhill already, it only seems like a week ago we were at Bromont.

Selena took Rocky and Solo to Richland Park CIC*** last week. They did not do well on dressage day, it’s hard to keep the dressage tuned when we run them so intermittently. They both made up for it in the jumping phases however. What incredible jumping machines they are. Selena planned her rides and rode to plan. The video link is her course walk where she tells her XC strategy.

Our amazing team here at Balsam Hall have been on the road to dressage shows, short courses and horse trials. Wonderful results from everybody. Shout outs to Emma Rafuse on her homebred and home schooled mare who is acing everything we ask of her this year, and to the rest of the hard working dedicated bunch who make it fun to go to the barn. Our crew are rocking it this season and bringing home the loot.

The next outing for The Boys is Plantation Field CIC***. It’s a great course to watch but I have a suspicion that it clashes with Dressage at Devon. I am going to be helping our great sponsors Omega Alpha Equine at the booth at Devon. Come by and say hi if you are going to be there.

And, of course, it’s a matter of weeks util Fairhill. Rocky and Solo will both be running. Woody having excelled himself at Bromont does not have to run again this year, we are working hard on getting his dressage better and better for the run up to next years Rolex! How exciting!

Well it will be back to the drawing board for Rocky and Solo before Plantation. I know Selena is really going to want to pull their dressage socks up before Fairhill. Lots of working on relaxation and through in the back. Looking forward to the next test 🙂