What a way to finish the weekend! Yay Woody for doing what he does best. Huge thank you to AM for taking such great care of us. Shout out to the Rumbles cheering us on at home with all their friends. Our Maryland cheering section was volunteering at Great Meadows this year; always a pleasure to see you Lauren and Erica. Huge thanks to my sponsors Charles Owen, Voltaire design, Omega Alpha, Purina Canada, Shires Equestrian Canada, Boogaloo boots, La Mundial, House of Angelis, Jojo sox, Draper Therapy, Fits Riding, Haysmart, ThinLine and all our supporters out there! I knew we had to make time in cross country, so we really went for it.

The ground was perfect and the course was made for it, starting off gradually and then getting tricky. Woody and I loved every minute of it and gave it our all. This horse is a cross country machine! I will be working harder then ever on my dressage and show jumping because I know we can get Canada to where it needs to be for WEG 2018, so that we can qualify for the Olympics.

It was SO MUCH fun to be on a team again with champions like Jessica and Waylon, as well as new teammates like Lisa Marie. The team spirit was loud and proud in our Canadian aisle with Rachel and Holly too. Super fun group of riders, owners and support staff.

I’d like to say how sorry I am that Justine had such a nasty fall. I shared a barn with her all winter and she and her team are a lovely group of people and horses. I’m so glad her horse wasn’t hurt because I know that would be first on her mind. She is made of tough stuff and I know she’ll be healing as quickly as possible to get back at it. Sending healing vibes your way Justine❤

Woody is rolling in his stall at home as we speak. For those of you who know him, he is a roll monster, sneaking one in every chance he gets. So much to be proud of and so much for us to work on still.

Anyone who knows me knows how important food is to me and the food at Great Meadows is EXCEPTIONAL! Three hot meals a day, as well as snacks and drinks throughout the day… one feature I particularly appreciated was how they served each meal until it was time for the next meal, if that makes any sense. Not that I am complaining, but some shows provide say a breakfast from 7:00-9:00, which is amazing (not complaining I repeat!), but can be tricky if your horse goes at 8:00. Here, breakfast is served until lunch and lunch is served until dinner so the opportunity to stuff your face is guaranteed!

The other thing I have to mention is the volunteers. Anyone who volunteers at a horse show is a hero in my books, but Great Meadows has swarms of volunteers everywhere you turn, even helping you unload your trailer when you arrive! On Sunday morning, I had taken our washing buckets down to the vet box, as you do. Once Woody was in the warm up I went over to set up camp and as I approached a lady picked up my stack of buckets and started filling them! I completely admit I was wondering whether I was going to need to rescue and reclaim my buckets from this green shirt person who seemed to be commandeering them when she asked “Where would you like your buckets set up?” I was so confused I stared at her blankly for awhile before I realized what was happening. Not only do the vet box volunteers fill your buckets and set them where ever you choose, but they come by and refill them throughout the cooling out process as you empty the buckets! I have never seen anything like it! Absolutely amazing they truly go all out here in every way.

Until next time team????????❤????????

Kick on!!