Solo completed his first event in tenth place.  He was great in his dressage until about halfway through when he decided to have opinions about where he would go in the dressage arena…surprise, surprise….  However, after a bit of head shaking and backing up, he consented to go forward again and finished the test as nicely as he started it….let’s hope that next time he can make it all the way through without discussing ‘stuff’.

He was great cross country and was inside the time. There was a ditch and two water crossings.  He slowed to a walk for the first water but kept moving in walk and picked up trot to the bank out.  At the second water he just kept right on going.  He never gave the ditch a second glance, all that walking across the ditch on a loose rein last summer has paid off.

The stadium was in a sand arena with horses and activity on all four sides.  Solo managed to keep his focus and gave a clear round in the stadium which brought him up to tenth place.

He is a strong minded young man and it shows up when he is disobedient. However, the work itself is very easy for him and when he bends his mind in the right direction, he is a spectacular performer.

While down in Ocala we took the opportunity of having Dougie Hannum, the US team homeopath, come to the farm and take a look at Solo’s back.  He did some adjusting and loosened Solo’s shoulders with manipulation.  Solo felt a lot more comfortable after Dougie had worked on him.  We are also using an electromagnetic blanket on Solo before and after work.  It seems to be making him more comfortable on his ever sensitive back muscles.

No pictures from the event as of now, but I will be sure to post them if any arrive.