Solo did his first Prelim with Selena at the Rocking Horse Spring Horse Trials in Florida.  Selena entered him straight into the Open Prelim (as opposed to Prelim Horse which is restricted to horses in their first season of Prelim) and he was a star right from the beginning.

He worked in well for the dressage and then went into the ring and did his best – good enough to put him in fifth place with a 31.7!   Since she was competing against the cream of the prelim horses and riders in Florida, Selena was thrilled with his performance.  The next day was stadium, his strongest phase.  He aced it with a double clear which pushed him up to third place.  Of course the only phase that has ever given any real trouble was still to come.  He ran cross country early on Sunday morning and was fantastic.  Selena said he never got a wrong spot to a fence, just galloped and soared over everything giving her a clean round inside the time.  He finished in second place to fellow Canadian Team member, Kyle Carter.  Selena was absolutely delighted and really excited for the future.  She said he already felt like an advanced horse, it was almost as though he had been waiting for her to give him something SERIOUS to jump instead of playing around.  At prelim level, going to shows and sharing the spotlight with Colombo and Wilhelmina he is a happy boy.  His breeder asked if perhaps he had “got over his jealousy of Colombo”, maybe that’s it!

Now the plans and entries for events are coming fast and furious.  Selena wants to make the most of her time in Florida and get as many different Prelim courses in as possible before he comes home to Hawkridge.  He is going to run Prelim at Poplar Place GA and then again at The Fork NC on his way home. 

From there on our plans for Solo are a little up in the air as our good friends and half owners of Solo have indicated that they have to sell their share for personal reasons.   We had always hoped to one day syndicate Solo’s ownership with ourselves maintaining a controlling share, and it looks as though this decision may be moved forward.   The syndicate would share ownership and costs related to Solo’s career and be eligible for such tax breaks as those contributions would offer.  If there are any readers out there that would be interested in being a part of Solo’s rise to the top, I believe this horse to be showing as much potential and ability as any young eventer in the world.  I bought him because I saw him as a talented, athletic and clever 3 and 4 star machine and I believed he had the potential to go all the way to the top….  I have never wavered in my belief.. 

If you are interested in knowing more about becoming an owner, please email me at