Feb1009part2collage.jpgNext day, 2pm exactly (Bruce is a stickler for time keeping) we were ready with a less than enthusiastic Solo who had an “oh no, not this again” look on his face.  But today he was to be ridden by Selena.  No jumping, since he had done that the day before, but all the same flatwork exercises that James had done on day one.  Give Solo his due, he really didn’t put in much of an argument.  He gave it one good go at the beginning, telling Selena that he had done this the day before, and if it was all the same to her, he was just going to go back to the trailer, load himself up and wait for the taxi service to get thier act together.

Immediately the pressure was on Solo once again to engage himself and do what he was told.  And he was told to ‘do’ lots.  Forward, ten meter circles, shoulders in, forward, haunches in, turn on the haunches, forward,  turn on the forehand (with an accomanying….”Oh come on, he MUST be able to do that, that is a PONY CLUB movement…sigh”), half pass….most of the above in trot and canter indescriminately.  Solo had a hard time knowing which way he was going next and eventually he stopped trying to stay one stride ahead of Selena, and waited for her to tell him what was next….very satisfying!

Bruce raged at Selena to get her legs on and kick him when he resisted….difficult to do….I find that when I take my leg off for any kind of a kick…I take my leg off!!!!  He explained that she had to use the kick of her leg with a shorter more rapid movement like using the tapping of a whip – sure enough, some short rapid kicks later Solo was going forward without so much as a whinge.  He did mutter a bit about the half pass here, and the half pass there, but considering we had never actually asked much in the way of half pass…well…none actually…he was doing rather well.  Selena had a very energetic and rewarding ride.  They were both hot and breathless at the end of it but Solo was definitely being obedient….not yet giving in with good grace you understand…but being obedient for sure.

Bruce was still less than glowing and said “same time tomorrow”….