It’s been a long time since I felt I had some real news about Solo – he was in limbo for a few weeks there, while we decided what was giving him soreness issues, and whether or not we were going to send him to Florida.

In the end I had him x rayed. It turns out he has a hairline crack on the splint bone of his left hind. Not a big deal and it will just heal itself. So….off he went to Florida.

We hadn’t even clipped him, he just got whipped in out the field, health papers made up and loaded onto the trailer. He traveled really well, drank lots every four hours and ate with his usual gusto, but he was on the trailer for 30 hours. Two days after he arrived he was a bit crampy in his tummy although it was only for a couple of hours. However, I think I have to put it down to being in the trailer for too long. From now on, we will overnight whenever it’s going to be more than 24hours driving.

Since he got to Florida he has had a lot of ‘firsts’. He has been on a hot walker for the first time and he was his usual opinionated self. He bumped and pushed at it with his head trying to get through to the compartment in front of him. It has done him good though, he does a half an hours active walking before he is ridden and after he is ridden. He has been clipped for the first time and took it all in his stride. He has also schooled the turquoise water (alligator repellent) and splashed and jumped in and out with enthusiasm. He is going well under saddle and when he went cross country schooling, he loved it. In and out the water, up and down the banks, he loves all of it….thank goodness!

We are still having issues with the saddle fitting. We are now actively looking for another saddle which will be primarily for him. He just has a very high wither and none of our saddles fit him really well. It’s very frustrating for us and obviously very uncomfortable for him. At the moment we are compensating with pads but that is not a good long term answer.

I am not sure when he will start competing, he has had so much time off or light work this Fall because of his leg that we are concerned about him being fit enough He is a typical thoroughbred and always seems to be fit!! It’s hard to judge him, his heart and resps are wonderful every time we take them. Chances are he won’t start till later in February.

Selena has taken all sorts of photos of him being clipped and in the hot walker. I hope she can get internet access soon and send them to us.