It was a LONG wait till show jumping at 3:08p.m., which ended up being even later due to setbacks. AM and I went to plantation to cheer Sophia on in show jumping for the 2*. Sadly, her horse got to an impossible long spot at a very wide oxer and chipped where there was no room. She popped off but both horse and rider were okay. Still a bummer, since that meant elimination before cross-country.
The 2* show jumping course was tuff and the time was near impossible!

Fanny went cross-country around 11:15am on the 1* track, so we made our way over there to cheer her on. She had a great ride and said her mare made it feel easy! We bought some poultice for Woody and AM finally found a blue stop watch for xc that counts in both directions, so she was very happy. Have to keep the grooms happy ????

We went back to Chesterland to give Woody his lunch and Dougie Hannum worked on his body to make sure he was in good jumping form. We watched Bruce teach xc to Nora B on two of her horses to fill in some more time. Then I headed over to walk the course (which was meant to happen at 2:08pm) but they were behind so I watched the end of the 2* show jumping. I had forgotten to take my rescue remedy before I left Chesterland so by the time I had walked the course I was glad to see AM had brought her back pack up with Woody (it has my rescue remedy in it).

I had heard that poor Boyd had taken a bad fall in the 2* xc and had a concussion and potentially broken his collar bone or worse. It’s a lousy way to move into the lead going into sj and it does nothing for the nerves. I watched a few of the first rounds. There were a lot of verticals on the course and we seem to hit those the most so I had a lot of decisions to make. I also worried about the time especially after watching the 2* sj. I told myself it’s all about the tightest turns you can manage and keeping your rhythm. It’s been very sunny and hot the last few days so I was wearing a ball cap. I put on my show jacket and gloves then AM gave me a leg up. I walked two steps before AM said get off, then as I was hopping off Jennie B said HELMET!! Ooopppsss I’m not anxious at all I swear!????‍♀ (on Helmet Awareness day too!)

I sometimes make that mistake in the winter when I’m wearing a winter hat and realize pretty quick with the help of my students LOL but I’ve NEVER done it at a show. AM had to jet down to the trailer on the bike and grab my helmet for me. With a near wipe out she made it back in record time.

Okay, now I get on the Woodster and instantly feel better. That’s always the way for me I feel much better on the horses back. We did our warm-up routine, careful not to overdo it, as it was hot and muggy. We went in and did our best. I was very proud of my “jumper” turn after fence #3 to stay up on the clock. Sadly #6 came down ‒ a fanned vertical right near the VIP tent. I should have done a half-halt to balance him up more to get a little closer to it. Instead I tried not to interfere with the rhythm and worried about the time. We were a little long and flat and JUST rolled the pole out the cups. DANG!!
We recovered well to do a big square oxer five long strides to a short one-stride of verticals. I was SO PROUD of Woody here because he was careful and used himself very well. The last line was a bit of a nail-biter. Again I had to do the inside turn to a triple bar, short seven strides to a vertical then a bending eight or nine to a very square oxer (the last fence).

Woody has a big step and we’ve worked hard to condense that over the years but also to keep his legs moving quickly. I didn’t get the most forward shot into the triple bar so I kicked him on take off to make sure he cleared the spread. He cleared the spread but it made the bascule a tiny bit flat, he ticked the top rail with his toes. Then I had to make the seven happen by collecting and he was a good boy over the vertical. Again I had to really make the eight happen and he made a great effort over the last oxer. Phew!
I was very glad to make the time and very pleased with Woodys effort. We will be grateful to go back to Millerbrook for more lessons before Fairhill. I REALLY need to work on my courses. ????
So that rail dropped me to fourth, which was a disappointment. I watched the rest of the 3* show jumping and saw some beautiful rounds. Shout out to Buck & Jennie for some of the best rounds I watched. I’m also very happy to report that Boyd said “I’m fine ‒ luckily I landed on my head”. YAY best news of the day!!

Jump lesson with Riley.

When we went back to Chesterland AM had one more jump lesson on Riley. I think she’s really learned a lot and jumped some enormous fences so prelim will feel like a breeze. We had a lovely dinner with Woody’s owners at Plantation. Did a little dancing and then came home to graze the boys before bed.
I look forward to cross-country tomorrow. I hope everyone has fun and stays safe.