When it was decided that Solo’s education would receive a necessary boost by ‘Going to the Royal’, we had to think carefully about how we wanted this to impact his daily routine. At the moment he is living outside most of the time, only coming in to be worked or during inclement weather. We had to decide whether or not to start bringing him in at night to keep his coat in show condition. Personally, I feel very strongly that the best place for a young horse is out in the paddock. In the end we compromised by blanketing him at night and keeping him out in the paddock.

Of course the first calamity that occurred was that his shoulders rubbed on the blanket. Eeeek! He now has his wunderwear undies on, a hood to keep his mane in place and his blankie at night. He takes all the dresssing and undressing in his stride. With the amazing warm weather we have been having, he has been getting his blankie on late at night, in the pitch black (no moon lately) out in his paddock, he seems to feel this is perfectly normal.