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My blog started in August 2005 to chronicle my progress in training "A First Romance" (a.k.a. Solo) into a world class eventing horse. Born in 2002, as a 10-year old, Solo is close to competing in the four-star division. He's fabulous XC, but does still tend to voice his opinion during dressage... never a dull moment.

Solo's ridden by my daughter, Selena, who competed at her first Olympics in 2008 and the WEG in 2010 with Colombo. Selena also rides several different horses including Pan Am Silver medals, “Foxwood High” out of our home base, Balsam Hall in Kingston, Ontario.

This blog chronicles both our adventures as we continue to train eventing horses. Occasionally, Selena will make an entry on her progress at competitions particularly on the lead up to major events. Please feel free to ask questions or send comments.

Jog report from Selena at Rolex

Wednesday was a fun day. Megan Woods & Mike Campbell arrived and watched their horse Derg Boru (King Brian) work. Megan will be riding him for the rest of the week now that she’s here. King Brian and I showed read more

First day at Rolex

It was a laid back day in Kentucky. Selena hacked Woody and let him take in all the scenery and did much the same with Derg Boru who is taking it all in stride. Anne Marie texted me early in read more

Arrived at Rolex

Well sometimes you have to take the rough with the smooth. Yesterday afternoon was our vaccination day. I didn’t bother mentioning it because it’s boring…right? We all vaccinate, and with our horses travelling around so much we vaccinate every three read more

The weekend before Rolex

OK, only two days at once this time LOL I am doing a little better on this run up to Rolex. Yesterday was a zoo. Anne Marie had to get to Syracuse for a 6pm flight. She had assumed all read more

Three Days in a Row

Wednesday Thursday and Friday, ok, I admit it, the days got away from me. It continues to be hectic with the OTTBs, Riley and Zephyr home, and all the horses being got fit for the upcoming Ontario Season. I think read more

Hills, hills, and more hills.

Busy day here. My guests from Europe were given rakes and sent out into the paddocks, they look exhausted. It’s great to have the extra hands here for the spring clean up. The outdoor arenas were harrowed for the first read more

Quiet Mondays

Monday is always a difficult day to blog. I mean, it’s the horses day off almost everywhere in the world isn’t it? I have had Monday or part of Monday off for almost my whole life, it’s a ‘do nothing’ read more

Puffy proud of our student

Our student Tori Morgan had a great day today. Her horse has not run anywhere this year and this is the first year he has started the season at Preliminary. He did Preliminary and a One Star last year but read more

Spring weather both sides of the border.

It was a crisp sunny morning in Pennsylvania for Tori and Bentley’s dressage and show jumping. She did her test around 8.30am and her show jumping about an hour later. She hacked from Bruce Davidson’s Chesterland Farm to the show read more

Benny and Rummy

We have owned Benny and Rummy for four months now.  They have already done a great deal and all of it has been good education but they have not started their full program of ‘how to be an eventer until read more

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