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My blog started in August 2005 to chronicle my progress in training "A First Romance" (a.k.a. Solo) into a world class eventing horse. Born in 2002, as a 10-year old, Solo is close to competing in the four-star division. He's fabulous XC, but does still tend to voice his opinion during dressage... never a dull moment.

Solo's ridden by my daughter, Selena, who competed at her first Olympics in 2008 and the WEG in 2010 with Colombo. Selena also rides several different horses including Pan Am Silver medals, “Foxwood High” out of our home base, Balsam Hall in Kingston, Ontario.

This blog chronicles both our adventures as we continue to train eventing horses. Occasionally, Selena will make an entry on her progress at competitions particularly on the lead up to major events. Please feel free to ask questions or send comments.

Bromont rocks!

Yesterday was yet another gallop day. The days go by relentlessly and Bromont draws every closer. Today is a ‘day 8’ which means they all get a day off. By the looks of Woody when we trotted him up this read more

‘Galloping’ is a slow process

Selena is in Vermont giving a clinic this weekend. We have great group of friends there and Selena gives regular clinics throughout the year. It’s a lovely place to go and not too far from here. It’s difficult to find read more

Free lessons

  Life goes on here at Balsam Hall, one thing when you work with horses, there are no days when you can slack. It doesn’t really matter if you are feeling great or not, the show must go on. Horses read more

How do I even begin to write about this…

I tried to think what I was going to say but in the end I have sat down at my computer without a thought to work from and I am typing from the heart. I was all set Saturday with read more

Jump days are the best

I have given up trying to think of anything to tell you about Mondays except that we do as little as possible. Selena rode Woody since that doesn’t count as work, one horse had to gallop and another had to read more

Badminton weekend

Well this weekend was very full of Badminton Horse Trials. We were excited to watch the North American contingent. The Apprentice just didn’t seem to have his head in the game from the start of cross country. Buck did everything read more

Birthdays and other such nonsense

So yesterday was my birthday.  Who the heck wants to go on having birthdays after you are fifty.  I mean if you reach half a century, you should just be considered ‘on your second half’ and let it go at read more

Everything goes by in a blur

The days are running into each other.  Sunday was great, the live stream of the jog at Rolex on Sunday morning was a welcome time waster.  It’s very hard to know that the jog is on and not watch it. read more

Cross Country Day

It’s cross country morning at Rolex! There’s a certain feel to cross country morning especially at the big events. I’m very lucky to be staying on site thanks to the Camolio family, I got to know them this winter as read more


Thursday was relatively quiet. I started off the day with a long a low “massage dressage” as Bruce calls it, on Woody. He felt good and relaxed, lots of swung. Anne Marie videoed so I could review. In the afternoon read more

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