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My blog started in August 2005 to chronicle my progress in training "A First Romance" (a.k.a. Solo) into a world class eventing horse. Born in 2002, as a 10-year old, Solo is close to competing in the four-star division. He's fabulous XC, but does still tend to voice his opinion during dressage... never a dull moment.

Solo's ridden by my daughter, Selena, who competed at her first Olympics in 2008 and the WEG in 2010 with Colombo. Selena also rides several different horses including Pan Am Silver medals, “Foxwood High” out of our home base, Balsam Hall in Kingston, Ontario.

This blog chronicles both our adventures as we continue to train eventing horses. Occasionally, Selena will make an entry on her progress at competitions particularly on the lead up to major events. Please feel free to ask questions or send comments.

Lucky Friday the 13th

Ha! I didn’t even realize it was Friday the 13th ’til just now. Good thing, too, because I’m already superstitious. Well I have to say I’m on cloud nine tonight and as long as my horse stays happy and healthy throughout…

Let’s Dance!

Oct 12 Today was a quiet day. It was also cold and wet, so I didn’t do any spectating. So not much to write about sadly. I forgot to mention that Tipperary sponsored Dougie’s dinner last night as well! Sorry,…

Woody and I at the Fair Hill jog.

Feeling Fine at Fair Hill

Monday Oct 9 It poured like crazy thanks to hurricane Nate. So we didn’t get away from home till about 10:15 a.m. It was one of those trips that ends up dragging on a bit due to small set backs….

Cross Country Day Wrap Up

Waiting all day to go xc is really hard on the nerves. Plus I had had to do that the day before for sj! It reminded me of the time I had two at Rolex and rode the second horse…

Show Jumping Day at Plantation Field

It was a LONG wait till show jumping at 3:08p.m., which ended up being even later due to setbacks. AM and I went to plantation to cheer Sophia on in show jumping for the 2*. Sadly, her horse got to…

Stressage, Robotic Arms and Horses of a Different Colour

Oh happy day! Stressage turned out great???? Woody didn’t put a foot wrong and was very confident and relaxed. I knew I did too many trot steps into the first halt, but he was square and moved off straight and…

Ready to Rock!

Thursday Sept 14 It’s been a very long day so this one will be short. We went over and cheered on Sophia for her 2* test at 9:00 a.m. She did a lovely job and her horse was very obedient. Anne…

Prepping at Chesterland

Wednesday Sept 13 First of all I’d like to wish Brian Leith a very happy birthday! He’s dealing with the aftermath of Irma, which means no presents, no cards, no cell service???? Today was excellent! First Anne Marie and I…

Notes from Plantation Field

Monday Sept 11 After a fun and successful weekend of competition for team OHE at Wesley Clover park in Ottawa, it was time to unpack and repack the trailer for Plantation Field International. A big thanks to everyone back home…

Three Cheers for the “Roll Monster”

What a way to finish the weekend! Yay Woody for doing what he does best. Huge thank you to AM for taking such great care of us. Shout out to the Rumbles cheering us on at home with all their…

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