Solo has been busy but I have been without a computer – I am typing this on a borrowed machine.  When did my life get so computer dependent?  I feel as though I am missing a limb.  ‘They’…..said one to two weeks and  then ‘they’ would give me an estimate….waaagghhh.

Since I last reported, Solo has been clipped out and looks absolutely gorgeous.  He is so much more mature this year with muscles on his muscles.  I look back at the pictures from 2005 of our narrow little baby, it was like sitting edgeways on a plank!  I felt like I would never have a saddle that would fit him unless I had one made.  Here we are, a couple of years down the road and the medium tree saddles are fitting him beautifully.  His back has just come up and up over his spine and withers, as he has become more muscled.

The weather has been appalling.  The snow in December was a blast.  All the horses have big backs and necks from elevating through the deep soft snow.  Since January hit, it has all been downhill.  Unlooked for thaws have left the fields a combo of mud and ice patches and some days the ice has been so bad we have not even taken the risk of riding down to the arena.  Tomorrow the first horses leave for Ocala for three months in the Florida sunshine.  Solo has his bag packed, his nice new summer sheet, his heavy blanket for turnout and his bucket and spade 😉  I get to drive him down…..not too much sunshine involved in my 24hour stopover between trips, but ‘some’ sunshine is better than none.

Solo’s first outing will be at Rocking Horse then the Florida Horse Park.  He is going to start the season at Novice and move up to Training and above as he shows his confidence.  We have always had a firm policy of not pushing Solo too quickly, he is bright and far too intelligent, I would not want to have to fight this horse about something.  I would rather he thought it was ‘his idea’……LOL   Once he thinks it’s something he wants to do, there is no stopping him.  Right now he thinks that jumping is the greatest fun going though the jury is still out on dressage.

Keep checking our photo and video sites for updates of Solo’s galleries.