Solo is now ensconced in his new barn at the back of the property. The six horses that we moved over there seem to be settling in. As always, there was a bit of running around the first night we turned them out but the new pastures were too big a temptation and everyone had their heads down pretty quickly.

Solo and Waldo were not the ‘runners’ on the turnout. In fact they have been last to go out to the paddocks, and last to come in from the barns, always a difficult placement for young horses, and neither of them have reacted in the slightest. Solo likes to kick his heels up and buck a few times but no galloping around for him, heaven forbid that he should stomp on one of those tasty little tufts of grass. However, having been there and made no issue of it for two days, on the third day that he was there, he had a hissy fit when Waldo was out being ridden. Usually he just calls out a goodbye but this time he screamed and raged the whole time Waldo was out. I just left him to it, there were other horses in the barn to hold his hand. Since then, nothing….back to normal. I don’t know what set him off that one day but he seems to have recovered his decorum.

He has jumped some little tiny fences and some little logs. He has also done trot poles and he will be starting his formal jumping training soon. Mostly he just hacks. I have not schooled him since he moved to the new barn last Monday. Apart from doing a few jumps in the ring yesterday, he has spent the entire week hacking. He is a delight to hack or ride on his own, but spends his time sidling towards his companions when ridden in company. I am waiting on him to grow out of it, this, like all phases, will pass!