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My blog started in August 2005 to chronicle my progress in training "A First Romance" (a.k.a. Solo) into a world class eventing horse. Born in 2002, as a 10-year old, Solo is close to competing in the four-star division. He's fabulous XC, but does still tend to voice his opinion during dressage... never a dull moment.

Solo's ridden by my daughter, Selena, who competed at her first Olympics in 2008 and the WEG in 2010 with Colombo. Selena also rides several different horses including Pan Am Silver medals, “Foxwood High” out of our home base, Balsam Hall in Kingston, Ontario.

This blog chronicles both our adventures as we continue to train eventing horses. Occasionally, Selena will make an entry on her progress at competitions particularly on the lead up to major events. Please feel free to ask questions or send comments.

Spotted on trail in England: a farm where the sheep rule!

Looking to the Future, New Eventing Prospects and All

April 21st Ann and I went on an adventure hack over the Ridgeway path. I tried to follow the way that Mark took me last year with Woody And Leo. However, it’s all changed since then and was fenced off…

A gorgeous view of the valley next to Mark's property.

Selena’s Thrilled as Mark Todd Gives Woody a Try

Monday after Burnham Market I took Woody for a nice hack through the fields and up the hill alongside the gallop. Then I took him in the ring to walk, trot, canter around to see how he felt after his…

Selena’s confusing Burnham Market course map.

A Burnham Market Mix Up Despite Best Efforts to Stay on Course

In the morning on April 12th, Jess (Mark’s head girl) was very kind to drive Woody to Georgie’s (Strang) and Jesse’s (Campbell) farm in Marlborough. I followed in the car because that’s where we would be leaving from to head…

Fun blankets discovered on Selena's shopping trip.

Rainy Days, Shopping and More Prep For Badminton

April 8th was a bit chilly and wet to start so I played hooky and Ann fed the horses. She turned them out when there was less rain while she went shopping. When I arrived at the barn we mucked…

Out for a nice sheep-free ride with Ann and Snow.

Eventer Prolems: Avoiding Spooks and Danger Floofs

April 6th I came to the barn early in order to help Francesca do morning chores in Mark’s barn. The rest of the crew had gone to Lark Hill horse trials with quite a few horses competing. Lucky Rafa gets…

A passerby asked if she’d been naughty, having the task of picking rocks at Mark Todd’s yard!

Volunteering for the Job No One Wants

April 4th it rained and rained and rained some more plus it was freezing cold. ☃️☔️ Ann kindly fed the horses and that way I caught up on some much needed sleep. I thought I was fine, but when given…

Woody's getting to know the locals.

Horses Are Shaking Their Sillies Out in England

April 2nd I came early in the morning to check on the horses and feed them. They seemed happy and hungry. I still gave them bran mashes since they drank very little on the journey. Both horses use Omega Alpha…

Selena got to sit in behind the captains and have a headset for take off and landing.

Badminton Bound 2019: Let the Adventure Begin!

Woody started the journey off first by heading to Wellington to train with Christilot for a week prior to departure for England. I headed to Wellington March 28th for some lessons with Christilot before flying out of Miami March 31st….

Selena's patriotic manicure.

Getting Ready to Take On the World

Alright so now that the team has been “officially” announced we can get on with it! To start things off right my mum organized an impromptu dinner at our house as a going away surprise for Woody and I. (AM…

Team Woody after cross country at Bromont.

It Was An Extra Special Win at Bromont!

Well it’s been an incredibly busy summer and I’m so sorry I haven’t been blogging. At the end of these long days I usually eat too much dinner and fall asleep right away. We start earlier and finish later, that…

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