Well, well, well. Yesterday when I dared to speculate on the real reason for the cancellation of the World Dressage Masters in Welly World, I had a moment of doubt that maybe I was being a bit too imaginative. I was not a little surprised (and to be honest, relieved) today when I came back from walking my wiener (dog) to find  a WDM press release in my inbox. It’s quite good reading. Looks like Michael Stone is the one who unilaterally decided he wasn’t raking enough of a profit with the dancing penguins on their prancing ponies. Michael you shouldn’t have pulled the plug so quickly. They’ve started allowing brightly coloured coats! 

I think it’s fantastic that Akiko and Steffen have picked up the torch before it goes out. Looks like the World Dressage Masters is coming to the west coast in the near future. Maybe HITS would like to jump on the wagon…

Since I already have this special edition Thursday blog going up, I might as well share the poetic words sent out by Dressage Direct this morning in their special Totilas news bulletin. I would love to give artistic credit to an actual human being, but I suspect a translating program is responsible for this gem of a sentence: “Now in winter sperm to freeze is taken and Totilas receives only some light work from Matthias or Schockemöhles stable rider Anja Barth.” I think I can write the rest of the poem….

 Now in winter sperm to freeze

 Totilas has days of ease

Dates with phantoms fill his dreams

No thoughts at all of German teams 

God bless Edward, Nicole, the colour orange…



 Chorizo stylin’ on his walk.