It wouldn’t seem like the best remedy for the migraine I have been suffering for two days, but I went on FEI TV this afternoon (it really is worth the annual subscription fee) and treated myself to some freestyle action from Stockholm last weekend. I LOVE Patrik Kittel’s freestyle for Toy Story. It’s quite  a long time since I’ve been that excited about the music of one of the world’s top riders – probably the last time was Fuego’s music at WEG last year. Hm, funny that. I believe Michael Erdman is responsible for both of those creations. If you’re too cheap to pay for FEI TV, here is a little clip of Patrik’s ride that I found for you on YouTube:

Patrik is also amazing because he manages to look so elegant and out of the horse’s way in spite of his great height.  The Swedes  sure  are on fire right now. Tinne Vilhelmson is a study in subtlety and suppleness. My high regard for her crept a little higher when she let herself smile after Don Aurelio cantered before he was asked (though he clearly thought he was right on cue, cantering with the first note of his canter music). Oh boy are the London Olympics going to be exciting with all these stars around. The World Dressage Masters in Palm Beach should be excellent for whetting my 2012 appetite for all things top dressage.  And a good thing too. There has to be something to offset all that politicking in DC and elsewhere in Dressage Queen Land. Recent scuffles between the FEI Dressage Committee (maybe it has to do with the initials ‘DC’) and the IDRC are proof that Canada is not anywhere near alone in that regard.

Why can’t DQ’s get along, anyway? Does too much shoulder in cause antisocial personality disorder? Do half-halts create unhealthy attitudes toward democracy? Does becoming an FEI Dressage Judge lead to narcissism (or to put the chicken in front of the egg – does narcissism lead to the judges’ box)?

I don’t know what it is, but there is definitely something about dressage that makes it the most prone to in-fighting of all the equestrian disciplines. Even thinking about all the troubles in DQ Land gives me a headache. Oh right. I already had a headache.