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Hello! Karen Robinson here. You may already be familiar with my writing, either in the pages of Horse Sport magazine or other publications and websites. I am one of those lucky equestrian journalists who gets to cover stuff like the Olympics; while I'm at such exciting events I am exposed to all manner of side stories and controversy, much of which doesn't make it into my articles. The blog that you will read here is the place I can share some of those stories. When I'm not writing articles or this blog, I design freestyles with my company Applause Dressage. I also ride my KWPN gelding Theo in the safe atmosphere of a dressage ring, having long given up the adrenaline of eventing. And when I'm not doing any of those things, I can usually be found traveling somewhere sunny with my husband Jan, and when possible, Dachshund Chorizo.

Dream Team, Real Gold

Wasn’t that just the best yesterday!?!? After the first round I was genuinely worried that our Canadian show jumpers wouldn’t win gold or silver, and consequently wouldn’t get a Rio team spot. Ah, me of little faith. Of course they read more

PAG-ed Out

Apologies for not posting yesterday, but the return home has brought out the fatigue in me. I spent a good part of the middle of yesterday hitting ‘refresh’ on the TO2015 website  during the Eventing show jumping, effectively following the competition via read more

Easy Peasy

Did I say the cross country looked easy? I take it back. I was wrong. It wasn’t easy. It was ridiculously easy. All four US and all four Brazilian horses went clear and inside the optimum time. Three out of four read more

A Soggy Walk

I have just dried out following my tour of the Pan Am cross country course at Will O’ Wind Farm. I actually didn’t mind the rain that much. I had the course almost entirely to myself. Which turned out to be read more

Post-mortem: Pan Am Dressage

I do think the term ‘post-mortem’ is especially appropriate, given all the things that have fallen short at the Pan Am Games equestrian so far. Before I make a few comments on the judging (because I know you dressage score read more

Hacker Alert!

I’ll be posting my dressage recap tomorrow, because I have to do some driving right now and need to get on the road. But if you want to see the work of my anonymous hacker, you would be well advised to go read more

To Be PC or to Not Be PC?

Before the freestyles get started in the next 40 minutes, I want to clear the air about something that has clearly got under some thin skin, if the comments on my Whine Time post are any indication. A few people read more

So close…

What a day! I wouldn’t  ever have predicted that our team would come so close to winning the gold medal. I think I can honestly say that there was more positive energy in the Canadian dressage community today – both here read more

Chit Chat re: TV coverage

There is an enormous hue and cry about the fact that CBC couldn’t be bothered to send even one itty bitty camera to Caledon. And of course we all know that half the people that could be enjoying today live read more

Secret almost-live streaming

Just a quick post to say that you can find a video of Brittany’s ride on my Facebook page. (Dear TO2015 anti-dressage league: I take no responsibility for the appearance of the video on my Facebook. I’ve been hacked by read more

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