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Hello! Karen Robinson here. You may already be familiar with my writing, either in the pages of Horse Sport magazine or other publications and websites. I am one of those lucky equestrian journalists who gets to cover stuff like the Olympics; while I'm at such exciting events I am exposed to all manner of side stories and controversy, much of which doesn't make it into my articles. The blog that you will read here is the place I can share some of those stories. When I'm not writing articles or this blog, I design freestyles with my company Applause Dressage. I also ride my KWPN gelding Theo in the safe atmosphere of a dressage ring, having long given up the adrenaline of eventing. And when I'm not doing any of those things, I can usually be found traveling somewhere sunny with my husband Jan, and when possible, Dachshund Chorizo.

Access Denied

Dear EC: Perhaps you have not been following the election of our new Prime Minister (who am I kidding? You are in Ottawa, for cripe’s sake), but in the very unlikely case that you haven’t, I’d like to bring to your attention read more

Home (beach), Sweet Home

As much as he loves the open road, Chorizo was happy to be finally digging his claws into home sand this weekend. One thing about an eight week trip, it makes you happy to be home in a way that read more

Homeward Hound

Having conquered France and Spain, Chorizo now deems us ready to return home to Vancouver. He misses the beaches that have many sticks to choose from, and the front-seat status of most car rides. My posts have been fewer and read more

Big in Spain

Begging your pardons for the lack of posting this past week. Northern Spain (unless you like big, crowded industrial cities) is very much off-grid  territory. I’m currently tethered to my phone and using up precious data roaming to at least read more

Bromont Bail

Have you heard the not-so-breaking news about Paul Côté resigning as CEO of Bromont 2018? Probably not, as the announcement wasn’t exactly sung from the rooftops. I considered adding the word ‘out’ to the title of today’s post, but the suggestion read more

Foul Weather Wiener

It makes perfect sense that if you are going to visit the Celtic part of France, you should expect some bracing Celtic weather. But we didn’t let a little liquid sunshine get in our way (well, except for the day read more

Chateau Hound

We are one week into our trip and Chorizo is happy to report he has visited almost enough chateaus to at least temporarily satisfy his culture-vulture needs. So far his hands down favourite is one called Serrant. France is one read more

Enough, déjà !

How appropriate to be posting my last blog before departing for France this afternoon, and to feel the powerful urge to use a French expression (or part of it, anyway) in my title for today. My sensation of déjà vu takes read more

Dirty Laundry List

Well, if there was ever any doubt about the extent of the UAE’s reprehensible behaviour in Endurance racing (and there wasn’t as far as I’m concerned), the FEI’s press release of last week certainly wipes it out. Nothing like a list read more

Fade Out

What a lackluster finale to the Pan Am Games equestrian events, especially after the tremendous excitement when Canada won Show Jumping gold. As someone pointed out, there’s just a bit of irony in the fact that the Show Jumpers were read more

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