It took them a couple of weeks to get around to it, but the good folks at EC have been in touch to let me know that, not only do they all have vital signs, but they abide by the motto ‘life is more than just surviving’. If you haven’t read my post from January 12th yet, you might want to do that before you read the rather funny riposte I received yesterday from none other than Craig Andreas and his crack team at EC Mission Control. Here is what Craig wrote to me:

“I have really been enjoying your blog over the past year. I happened to be reading it just the other day and was completely stunned. It started out great and I was having a good laugh but then I nearly fell over my chair as I hurriedly ran to the front office to check on my staff. You were absolutely right! Thankfully, Mike Arbour had a spare granola bar and we were able to save Melanie. I cannot thank you enough for alerting me to what could have been an unbelievable tragedy at our office.”

Craig sent along before and after photos to show me how dire the situation had been, and to prove that Melanie Blanchard was, indeed, saved.

Melanie before…




















Melanie after…




















Apparently the whole office got in on the ‘revive Melanie’ campaign; Julie Cull was the photographer, and Akaash knew all about it when I mentioned it in an email. “In case you are wondering, no, the skeleton did not come out of an EC closet,” he said; “it is being used for an anatomical component of a coaching symposium at our convention.” It’s gratifying to think I brought such happiness and teamwork to everyone at EC. I think I might have to invite them to write an occasional guest blog so that we can all see how alive and kicking they are nowadays.

I’m off to Houston for a few days – just in time too, the temperature in Welly World is heading toward freezing tonight – but I’ll be back next week with tales of celebrity sightings at Kontiki and statistics on how many DQs are wearing helmets at the shows.