Heavens to Betsy there is a lot to talk about. I don’t have much time but wanted to first thank ‘some guy at the World Cup’ for keeping us poor sods who stayed home up to speed – no mean feat this year. And I thought Vegas was exciting…

Today I will talk only about people whose first name starts with ‘M’. First of all, an update on MM – that’s Michael Morrissey for any of you who are in the unlikely position of not having read any of my posts over the last month. He may have been officially charged with abuse by the FEI and USEF last week, but he managed to squeeze in one last shot at a money class the weekend before, at his very own great-uncle Gene Mische’s $200,000 class in Tampa. Either there was no water or Crelido was trying to keep more welts from rising on his poor behind because MM managed to place 8th. The FEI is not talking to me just now – I have to wait for the verdict just like everyone else. And a verdict there will be, I have no doubt at all. It just remains to be seen if enough heads roll and if they are the deserving ones. Give us the judges! Remember the stoning scene in Life of Brian? Wouldn’t it be fun if they let us do that to the ground jury from WEF week VII? Maybe a horse trampling would be a more fitting punishment, but not as much fun for us.

MM is in danger of having his thunder stolen by none other than MW, aka McLain ‘I couldn’t have done it without my Daddy’ Ward. I have read so many conflicting reports – and watched all the tediously unsatisfying FEI press releases and YouTube videos about hypersensitivity – that I don’t  dare to take a side on this one, yet. I will say this though – if I were a betting girl I think I’d put my money on the FEI having more evidence than they are saying, and that it will eventually come to light once the lawyers start chewing on the case. Here’s a little tidbit for those of you outside of Welly World – MM has been a student of MW for some time. I’m not sure if that is still the case but it was a little while ago.

And then there is ME, who became the WC champ thanks to lots of things, but possibly in part due to Sapphire’s elimination. I love Marcus. He reminds me of a German version of William H. Macy – you know, from Fargo. Only nicer than the character in that movie bien sur. I read one interview with MW in which he said in response to a comment/rhetorical question about his disqualification making it easier for the eventual winner: “It won’t be a real win.” That reminded me of what MW said in Hong Kong when a journo asked him how it felt to win team gold fair and square instead of after-the-drug-bust in Athens. His indignant reply was something along the lines of “that was a legitimate gold medal in Athens. We won because someone cheated and was caught” (That someone was of course Ludger, who enjoyed a nice second placed tie with Pius in Geneva). McLain’s logic sounds a bit like my husband’s when we play Backgammon. When he wins it’s all skill and when I win it’s all luck. Anyway, enough irony for today.

Finally, we have MD, Mario Deslauriers, who is Super no more. Not because he let the WC title slip through his traitorous little fingers. That’s right! He’s no longer Super Mario because he pledged allegiance to a flag not Canadian. Don’t get me wrong: Americans are my very second favourite people after us cheese eating hosers of the Great White North, but I think that I shall not forgive MD for changing teams. Of course being from Quebec and all his loyalty can never be fully counted on, but hey Mario. Who won the hockey, eh? Who? Eh, eh?