One of the lesser known advantages of living in Canada compared to the US is that we can have fun with our postal codes – you can’t do much with a five (or nine) digit zip code now, can you? I’ll never forget my grandparents’ postal code at the home they haven’t occupied for 30 years because my grandfather made a cute pneumonic to help my Nana remember it. V0X 1L0 became Valley Of Kisses Interested Lovers Only. HOH OHO is Santa’s postal code at the North Pole. Of course the North Pole isn’t actually in Canada, but neither is it ‘in’ any country of the world – so our adorable postal code is as likely to get a letter to Santa’s mailbox as any. Santa’s been getting some interesting letters this year. It seems my letter to Monsieur Claus of a couple posts ago gave a few other people a similar idea. A certain six time Olympian has perhaps gone a little overboard with his wish list, which includes nothing so trifling as a new saddle pad or Joules polo shirt, but an entire horse. I can’t find a price anywhere online for the lovely creature whose name sounds like the next chain to compete with Taco Bell, but methinks that is an awfully big request to send Santa, who has so many children’s desires to fulfill. 

In addition to apparently hankering after a return to the show ring, our sextagonal Olympian is making a brief return to the helm of Canada’s dressage team, pushing the limits of how many times and in how many ways one can come out of retirement. Of course, as Technical Advisor for ALL OF CANADA and not just for Ontarian snowbirds who set up winter quarters in the state he calls home, I have no doubt that we’ll soon be seeing RD winging his way across the continent to fulfill his role as a NATIONAL advisor to Canada – in spite of his statement in November that he couldn’t face the thought of being away from hearth and home in Miami for more than…a night? two nights? No, I’m absolutely positive that accepting an extended role as TA while DC gets its proverbial shit together and finally hires a replacement for him will involve his full commitment to our talented riders and horses from coast to coast. I’m claiming dibs to take you to dinner when you come to Vancouver, Robert!

I’m still not finished musing on the many activities of this sextuplet Olympian, because I’m rather enjoying the hair-pulling session currently going on between him and the fine folks of the eventing world. As you are most likely well aware, I am a big fan of John and his pals at Eventing Nation. My admiration has swelled to new heights (love you especially Franklin! You ARE amusing and clever, if just a teensy bit naughty) with the solidarity they have shown against a perceived attack of their beloved discipline. If only DQs would rally together like that instead of finding ten new ways to disagree every time there is the need to unite and conquer. Thanks very much to all the participants in this entertaining online jousting match for keeping the cyber-horse-world lively at an otherwise dull and grey time of year.

Now I’m off to buy a duck for Christmas dinner – sorry to all you people who don’t partake of carnivorism, but in response to your rumblings of disapproval I have this remedy: save a cow, eat a vegetarian.  I’ll be back in a week, give or take a day – it’s all Wednesday or Sunday or whatever day during the holidays – with my best and worse picks from 2010.  I can’t give you all a Christmas present, but I can share an adorable video that everyone is sure to love – who doesn’t love a penguin? 



And on that note, I wish all of you, and I mean all of you, even gaited horse people, the happiest of holiday seasons, however you celebrate and whatever animals you devour in the process – well, except horses of course. Peace out!


 Wishing you and your loved ones – human and otherwise –  the very best of this holiday season!