Happy new year everyone. I hope you welcomed in this second decade of the third millennium in the style that best suits your individual tastes. My blog on Horse-Canada.com continues into 2010, which promises to be an exciting year with WEG finally to take place on the west side of the Atlantic for the first time. My official blog posting day throughout 2010 will be Wednesdays, but as I’m fresh off a flight backward through 21 hours of time and have not even begun to catch up on the equestrian happenings noble and ignoble that have occurred during my happy holiday in NZL, check back here on the weekend – by which time I will have got up to full speed with the news, gossip and hearsay, as well as visited the Oracle so that I can make my predictions for the upcoming year, as well as a wish list of things that would happen if I held the reins of Fate.

Much as I would love to go on for weeks about the wonders of Kiwi Land, I must curttail that tangent and return to the reason for this blog. But I will share with you one more little NZL tidbit, which was kindly forwarded to me by Eiren Crawford. The story in the link below struck a chord with me because we had very pleasant experiences with the police ourselves. One even waved cheerily at us as we were turning off the highway last week. Tell me where in the world the cops are that friendly, hm?