What, two blogs in a day you ask? I’m making up for being late this week, and also  stock piling reading material because next week I am going to Costa Rica to work on freestyles and then to have a few days in the fabulous natural surroundings of the Peninsula de Oso with my husband (known to his friends as Janner). If I can possibly muster the imagination I’ll post a travel-blog from paradise. Otherwise you will absolutely hear from me again on May 19th. 

The topic of this shorty is the recent hiring of a woman to the post of Dressage Program Co-ordinator at Equine Canada. Her name just happens to be Kari MacGregor. No, that is not a misspelling of Kerri McGregor, DC volunteer extraordinaire and Chef de Mission for the Canadian Equestrian Team. Kerri remains a volunteer only and is therefore clear of any conflict of interest that being on EC’s payroll would create. Kari MacGregor is someone I have not met yet, though I’m sure she is a lovely person. It is a bit unfortunate that her name is almost identical to our other Kerri’s, and it’s causing no shortage of confusion. So Kari, would you please change your name? I would be happy to help with suggestions. Emily is nice, and it even has one more vowel than Kari. Or if you want to keep the same number of letters, how about Emma? If you are really attached to the K (I know I am attached to mine), then Kath would work. I hope you are willing. Two Kari/Kerris in the same house is just hairy. And as they say, what’s in a name?