While I mull over my first FEI GA and find comparisons to draw between the FEI Presidential elections and the US mid-term elections (perhaps Obama should book a consultation with HRH on how to appear to be letting everyone down and losing popularity but then reap an enormous majority of 72.5%), I would like to recommend you tune into the Breeder’s Cup today and watch Zenyatta try for a second consecutive win. Don’t know who Zenyatta is? Neither did I until a few weeks ago. I’m not ‘up’ on the racing world – though I am seeking to change that now that HRH has announced racing and polo to be the two horse sports she has her eye on in her quest to grow the FEI family. Even if you aren’t a racing fan, Zenyatta’s is a pretty incredible story. What I love best is that her trainer didn’t race her as a three year old because he knew she wasn’t ready. When does that ever happen in racing? She won the Breeder’s Cup last year at five. She’s also raced very few times for a Thoroughbred – today’s race will be only her 20th and the owners and trainer have decided that, win or lose, this will be her last race. How cool is that?

Good background if you’re interested is the 60 Minutes program that ran last week. Get the tissues out before you watch it though; it made me cry, as did the video below of Zenyatta winning last year’s Breeder’s Cup in her trademark unconventional style. The race today is at 6:15 eastern time. ESPN and ABC are two networks I know will be broadcasting live. 

For those of you who keep forlornly checking in to read more about the GDF, thank you for your patience. It is coming!