I was planning to post a carefully prepared wrap up of the GDF and FEI GA tomorrow, and I will still do that. But before I do, I feel a need to respond to a wee rumour circulating among Rebecca’s (my travel pal to Holland) and my friends that the reason you didn’t see more blogs while we were in Europe was because we were out partying all the time. Allow me to nip that one in the bud, because such was far from the case. Apart from a bit of jet lag-induced late night movie watching with a glass of wine or two (ok, maybe it was a bottle), we were as tame as the two old ladies we are one day destined to become. No folks, my problem was information overload. I challenge any of you to take in the WEG, GDF and FEI GA, all within the span of a month, and all demanding your utmost attention so that you can competently report on them for various publications – and come out of the experience with any sense of perspective, never mind a sense of humour. My brain has been feeling so much like a hamster on a wheel that I have been entirely unfit to deliver my usual repartee to all I have witnessed. 


 But after a little cuddling with my wiener (dog), pussy (cat) and hairy love of my life (horse), I’m finally feeling like the mental batteries are recharged. Talk to you tomorrow. I promise. I really do. And no, my marriage is not on the rocks (for you rumour mongers reading something into the lack of mention of my husband). Janner wisely headed to Baja when my travel schedule went into hamster wheel overdrive and the rain set in here at home.