Given that I’ve kept you all in the dark these past couple of weeks, I thought I ought to let you know what you can look forward to here on Straight-Up over the spring and summer. I plan on catching all the Badminton action the first weekend of May (thanks to the miracle of FEI TV), where Rebecca Howard is the only Canadian entry with the effervescent Rupert. Then, in early June I am very excited to be making my second trip to Bromont for the CCI3*. By then we may even know if Bromont will be host to WEG 2018; but regardless of that decision, I’m very much looking forward to hanging out in that delightful place. The scenery, the sport, and especially the people at Bromont are all just the tops. And since 2013 is the one year in four which doesn’t have a WEG, Olympic or Pan Am Games, I will make a long overdue return to Spruce in early September for the Masters. I haven’t been for at least four years, so it’s about time I crossed the Rockies and paid that fine show a visit again.

Of course, there is plenty to fill all the gaps in between these major events, and my finger is always on the pulse (or looking for one) of EC and that endless source of blog material, the good ol’ FE of I. TTY in a few days.