I hate those stupid texting acronyms but OMG Canada is third after cross country and Steph R-B, the daughter I never had, is sixth! Sixth! Are you reading me in Canada? This is EPIC. The last time Canada was in this kind of shape at a World Championship three-day-event was right here, in 1978 – when Canada won gold. And right now, believe it or not, anything is possible for the Canadian team. Only 8.1 points separate the Crazy Canucks from the Brits who are in the lead. And just to keep them on their toes, the Kiwis are snapping at Canada’s heels, less than a rail behind. 

Today the course produced all the results you would expect from a World Champ 3-day course, and Canada SHONE. Six horses. Six clear rounds. Three of them under time. Fewer than 10 time penalties among the other three.  Not one other country had a day that went so right today. Ok I have to swear now. Holy shit this is incredible. In spite of my deeply felt DQ affiliations, I came to this WEG with my greatest emotional investment in our eventing team. Maybe it’s partly because it’s the discipline of my youth, and because I no longer have youth I cling to the things that remind me of it. But I think there is more going on than that. David O’C has been unwavering in his commitment and his plan with Canada. When we had four in the top ten at Rolex a few months ago, I started to get very excited that the DOC was the master of team management and coaching that he seemed to be. Just look at them now.

I’m pissed because they brought only the top three riders into the press conf, and not the top three teams. I may be back today, but if not, check in tomorrow and I’ll have lots of goodies from the cross country and the appalling traffic situation here.

Cross fingers that all the horses – all of them, not just the Canadians – are fit and ready to jump tomorrow.