If you read my post about the comment that was left on my WC freestyle entry (The Roof is off the T&M), then please read the following. If you never saw it, then I’m glad  because I am not very happy about what happened.

The person named Hunk who is posting comments to this blog has made a very good effort at sounding as if he is Dutch freestyle composer Cees Slings. I was shocked to read the comments left the other day, which are not the first that Hunk has left on my blog; in every instance the opinions expressed have strongly suggested it was Mr. Slings using a pseudonym (not a very good one, I have to say). I couldn’t understand why Mr. Slings would care in the least what I write on my blog, particularly when it is in no way connected to him or his current work. I understand why he would log in and respond to my entry on the music judging machine, but not my freestyle commentary at WC. But now I realize it wasn’t him and I’m really pissed off.

To Mr. Slings: I apologize for mistakenly identifying you with someone who doesn’t have the courage to use his or her real name. I will not make that mistake again.

To Mr. Hunk: any further comments you leave without identifying yourself properly will be removed as soon as they are posted. I do not abide dishonesty, and I have never welcomed anonymous griping. Be a man and give your name, or go away.