Is it superstitious to the point of ridiculous self-obsession for me to think the awful cold I am suffering is the result of my my actions on this blog, and on my other blog, Low-Down (which has a brand new post today)? Don’t answer. I know what your answer is. This cold is almost certainly the fruit of breathing in the ┬ámuch-inhaled-and-exhaled air of several screaming babies on a flight to Vancouver from Calgary last week. At any rate, I do have some goodies and baddies to share with you this week, but it will have to wait until my voice picks itself up from the bottom of my fluid-filled chest cavity and my head has been freed from phlegm.

I was in Calgary over the wonderful day that is April Fool’s, and talk of jokes over dinner extended to someone mentioning WestJet’s April Fool’s video for this year. I love everything about WestJet, from its enthusiastic and humour-enabled staff to its confidence-inspiring brand spanking new planes. And thanks to this video, I found it in my heart to love WestJet even a little bit more.

I had actually come up with an April Fool’s joke to play on all of you, but time was not on my side and the space from midnight to noon on April 1 got away without my having posted that the FEI had invited me to sit on their Tribunal for the IDRC hearing in June.