Star Crossed Horses

Show business by itself is a fascinating subject; add a horse, and it gets even more interesting. Ever wondered what it's like to ride on camera? Or how a certain scene was filmed? Are you curious about the stars from your favourite horse-themed TV shows and movies?

Join freelance writer Carol Hansson as she goes behind the scenes to learn the secrets to producing compelling television and film incorporating horses. She will talk the actors, trainers and wranglers who make it all happen, and learn how they have been affected and inspired by their four-legged co-stars.

Celebrities, just like anyone else, are affected by the people they work with - even if that "person" has four hooves and neighs. Some horses are especially memorable, some scenes cannot be forgotten. Even if a horse is only in someone's life for a short time, an impression is made. From everyday horse lovers to the most famous of celebrities, horses leave hoof prints wherever they go.

Meet Cindy Busby, CBC Heartland’s Ashley Stanton

Cindy Busby may have been absent from the world of Heartland for a few years – her last episode was in Season 7 – but she definitely has not been forgotten. Her character, Ashley Stanton, was definitely one to remember….

Actor and Equestrian Emmanuelle Vaugier

Emmanuelle Vaugier, an actress that has appeared on numerous films and TV shows including Two and a Half Men, Lost Girl and Mistresses, is quite the equestrian. Throughout her busy schedule of filming and travel, she always finds time to…

Meet Ride’s Jonny Gray

Jonny Gray, best known for his roles in Max & Shred and Bruno & Boots, is a real-life equestrian – which shows in his casting as Josh Luders in YTV’s Ride. The show is set in England at Covington Academy,…

Meet Shaun Johnston, CBC Heartland’s Grandpa Jack

Shaun Johnston plays Grandpa Jack, one of the most iconic characters on CBC’s Heartland, now filming its 10th season. His gruff exterior, dry wit and warm heart make him a definite fan favourite. Don’t forget to catch the season premiere…

Kendra Leigh Timmins from the New TV Series Ride

Ride is a new horse themed TV show, which premiered on YTV September 5 at 7:00 p.m. ET/PT, with new episodes airing Monday to Thursday at 7:00 p.m. ET/PT. The show follows Katherine “Kit” Bridges, who begins attending an elite…

Heather Conkie, Executive Producer of Heartland

Heather Conkie is the much-beloved “Queen of Heartland”; she’s the behind-the-scenes orchestrator of all of the story lines in CBC’s hit show Heartland.  Heather has been working on the show since its beginning, and she gives us a bit of…

Trainer and Stunt Double Tommie Turvey

Budweiser’s Brotherhood, it’s the #1 Budweiser commercial of all time; and Tommie Turvey was the horse trainer. If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead, you’ve also likely seen one or more of Tommie’s horses. 1. How many horses do…

A Fine Step’s Anna Claire Sneed

A Fine Step, starring Luke Perry and Anna Claire Sneed, is a film about the Paso Fino breed, which was released in 2014. Anna tells us about her experience working with the breed known for its lovely floating gait. 1….

Meet Horse Wrangler Ed Dabney

Wrangler Ed Dabney has supplied many horses to the film industry, including the hit Fox-TV show Sleepy Hollow. In this week’s Star Crossed Horses Ed tells us about his horses’ training regimen and what it takes to be an equine“star.”…

A Horse Called Bear’s Kristina Kaylen

Kristina Kaylen of A Horse Called Bear and the soon-to-be-released Rather to be Chosen, has fulfilled a dream many a girl has – to have a horse – and be on film. She discusses her experience with Bear, in addition…

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