Star Crossed Horses

Show business by itself is a fascinating subject; add a horse, and it gets even more interesting. Ever wondered what it's like to ride on camera? Or how a certain scene was filmed? Are you curious about the stars from your favourite horse-themed TV shows and movies?

Join freelance writer Carol Hansson as she goes behind the scenes to learn the secrets to producing compelling television and film incorporating horses. She will talk the actors, trainers and wranglers who make it all happen, and learn how they have been affected and inspired by their four-legged co-stars.

Celebrities, just like anyone else, are affected by the people they work with - even if that "person" has four hooves and neighs. Some horses are especially memorable, some scenes cannot be forgotten. Even if a horse is only in someone's life for a short time, an impression is made. From everyday horse lovers to the most famous of celebrities, horses leave hoof prints wherever they go.

Heartland's Amber Marshall, season 11

Amber Marshall Takes on the Role of Mom

In fall of 2017 I was able to visit the set of CBC’s Heartland for a couple of days. The following is my interview with Amber Marshall, who plays Amy Fleming. 1. How do you keep your joy in horses? read more

Harry & Snowman movie poster

Harry & Snowman Director/Producer Ron Davis

Harry & Snowman is a movie based on the life of Harry DeLeyer and his horse, a rescue from the meat truck that went on to win blue ribbon after blue ribbon, including the Open Jumper Championship at Madison Square read more

Michelle Morgan, Heartland's Lou Fleming.

Catching Up with Michelle Morgan, Heartland’s Lou Fleming

I was in Calgary earlier this year to catch up with some of the cast of Heartland; here is my interview with Michelle Morgan, who plays Lou Fleming. 1. What can fans look forward to in this season? Fans can read more

The Horse Dancer’s Sophie Bolen

Sophie Bolen is a young American actress who has an equestrian background and has starred in a few horse films, including most recently, The Horse Dancer, which is now available from Canadian Netflix. 1. For those who haven’t seen The Horse read more

What’s Heartland’s Georgie Up To?

This past week I had the pleasure of joining the cast of Heartland on set in Calgary. I will be providing the interviews over the next few months – first up is Alisha Newton, who joined Heartland in Season 6 read more

Meet a RCMP Musical Ride Member

The RCMP Musical Ride is something that even non-equestrians enjoy. Every year, a group of RCMP officers and their black horses take to the road to showcase one of the most iconic Canadian pictures ever – an RCMP officer in read more

Trainer and Stuntwoman Niki Flundra

For Heartland fans, Niki Flundra may not be familiar name; however, her horses, Zyada, Stetson and Sonny, are very familiar, as they have doubled for Spartan (Amy’s horse on the show) many times. Niki, a stuntwoman and liberty horse trainer, read more

Avery Arendes Stars in Apple of My Eye

Avery Arendes stars in Apple of My Eye, a film about a teenage rider who loses her eyesight and is no longer able to ride. Instead of a dog, the animal companion she is given is a miniature horse, by read more

Meet Director/Producer Christopher Forbes

Christopher Forbes, a director and producer, has worked on many films, including 13 that involved horses. Some of the more notable productions include Billy the Kid and The War Riders. He gives us a behind-the-scenes look on horses in the read more

William Shatner’s Spirit of the Horse

Recently I had the chance to speak with William Shatner regarding his new book, Spirit of the Horse: A Celebration in Fact and Fable. Mr. Shatner is, of course, well-known for his portrayal of Captain Kirk in the Star Trek read more

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