Saddlefit 4 Life

Join master saddler Jochen Schleese, of Schleese Saddlery and Saddlefit 4 Life®, as he works to solve fit issues and help horses all over North America. Each week, Jochen will share his experiences dealing with horses at all levels, with all sorts of saddle fit and behavioural issues caused by poor saddle fit.

You will also meet several knowledgeable independent fitters, who travel all over the world on a quest to ‘protect as many horses and riders worldwide from long term back damage,’ some key industry professionals, including Jane Savoie, Dr. Gerd Heuschmann, Dr. Joanna Robson and Dr. James Warson, as well as Schleese clients, who all have a tale to tell. The stories will make you laugh, maybe cry, but always think.

No Scale? No Problem

There have been a number of articles appearing in various publications recently about rider fitness and how to get back in shape if you’ve taken the winter off. Of course, getting your horse back in shape is part of the read more

How Leg Length Influences Your Position

I often find that many people are much more concerned about how their saddle fits their horse (which of course they should be) than how the saddle actually works for them. Beyond ‘feeling comfortable’ not much attention is usually paid read more

Functional Electrical Stimulation Therapy

Last year while I was working in West Palm, Florida, with some of our clients, I met Dr. Sheila Schils of EquiNew LLC, one of the pioneers of FES in horses. At the time, we had discussed perhaps working together read more

Saddle Fit and Customer Service

I have been reading a lot about customer service issues and suggestions in various online newsletters I subscribe to (especially my favourite – Profitguide), so I thought it seems to be a hot button topic right now and perhaps I read more

The Ongoing Controversy – Treed or Treeless Saddles? Part IV

Okay I just had to share this with you as my final instalment on this topic because I am really thrilled that someone of Dr. Clayton’s reputation has substantiated what I have been preaching about treeless saddles for the last read more

The Ongoing Controversy – Treed or Treeless Saddles? Part III

Not many people today have the luxury of time to learn to ride as well as the Native Americans did – with or without saddles. Many people still need to use a saddle to even stay on a horse, so read more

The Ongoing Controversy – Treed or Treeless Saddles? Part II

After having discussed the points on this topic made by Barbara Ann King in the last blog, I now take my prerogative as author of this blog to elaborate on the concept of treed saddles and what are essentially ‘bareback read more

Treeless Saddles

I just realized that although the whole topic of treeless saddles vs. treed saddles is a pretty controversial one, I have not until now shared my personal thoughts with you on them in this blog space. Please do understand, however, read more

Saddle Fitting Hell

Saddle fitting Hell. I have seen this term used many times in various chat forums to indicate general unhappiness with the whole procedure of having to buy a(nother) new saddle because the old one no longer fits or works. Even read more

Saddle Fitting Top 10 Lists

I remember a couple of years ago when David Letterman was still on TV and his ‘top ten’ lists were probably my favourite part of his show. So I thought it would be a fun idea to post some ‘top read more

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