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Join master saddler Jochen Schleese, of Schleese Saddlery and Saddlefit 4 Life®, as he works to solve fit issues and help horses all over North America. Each week, Jochen will share his experiences dealing with horses at all levels, with all sorts of saddle fit and behavioural issues caused by poor saddle fit.

You will also meet several knowledgeable independent fitters, who travel all over the world on a quest to ‘protect as many horses and riders worldwide from long term back damage,’ some key industry professionals, including Jane Savoie, Dr. Gerd Heuschmann, Dr. Joanna Robson and Dr. James Warson, as well as Schleese clients, who all have a tale to tell. The stories will make you laugh, maybe cry, but always think.

Equine Anatomy: Attending a Dissection Clinic

One of the things on my bucket list has been to attend an equine dissection course in anatomy at the University of Guelph. Unfortunately, every time it was offered in the last couple of years I have been away at read more

Summer’s Over…

Hello all. I am writing this week’s blog because quite frankly Jochen is suffering from writer’s block and to tell the truth, I’m not much better. August has been an absolutely crazy busy month for us – beginning with our read more

The Philosophy of Saddle Fitting

Q1 – Why has saddle fitting become such a mainstream issue in the last few years? Q2 – Who says it’s so important? Q3 – What is the logic behind it? It’s only common sense – from the recreational to read more

A Western Dressage Judge’s and Trainer’s Perspective

Anna Schriebl is an NAWD Licensed Judge, as well as a Western dressage and traditional dressage trainer. She and her husband, Marty, operate Patriot Farm LLC in Ivor, Virginia. “Ribbons, scores, end-of-year competition awards—oh my! This can sometimes become the read more

Inspiring Horsemen: T. Paul Buhlman and GoldMark Farms

My Saddlefit 4 Life colleague Cathy Rothery is taking you inside the gates of GoldMark Farm, to meet Paul Bulmahn, owner of GoldMark Farms – the sophisticated, world-class training facility for thoroughbreds nestled in the rolling hills and shade of read more

Reporting from Italy

Jochen and I were just in Italy for a short vacation and travelling through Tuscany on our way to Agropoli on the Amalfi coast where our daughters were attending a dance workshop and performing. Jochen is presently in Germany teaching read more

Caring Horsemen: Mark Miller

I have invited my Saddlefit 4 Life colleague Cathy Rothery to introduce two inspiring horsemen she met last month while attending the 2016 American Horse Publications conference in Orlando. Thank you for sharing your visits with these outstanding equine professionals. read more

Saddle Fit and “Shorties”

We’ve discussed saddle fit for the heavier rider in a previous blog, but I have recently been asked several times about what issues to consider for the extra tall or extra short rider, who both seem to have troubles finding read more

Why Don’t More Boys Ride Dressage?

It’s always interesting to take a few moments when I’m working at a horse show to check out the competition. I mean the real competition – the riders who have trained long and hard and are now showing off their read more

Saddle Fit and Common Misperceptions

I have to comment on a couple of articles which recently appeared in various other equine media and gave cause for reflection. The first one was about weekend warriors and trying to avoid battles during your horse time. According to read more

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